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SAEA 2012 plenary: “The Campus Food System: A Learning Laboratory”

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As a college student, if you want to learn how to be an effective agent of positive change in the global food system, a good place to start is in your own backyard. Campus food systems are microcosms of the national and global food system and offer amazing formal and informal educational opportunities to students.

The video below is from the plenary session at the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association’s 2012 conference in Corvallis, OR.

I learned a lot about the Real Food Challenge at this conference and was impressed with the campus food related projects students all over the country were engaged in, especially the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive, or CoFED.

I had a great experience during my two years of AmeriCorps*VISTA service in Portland, OR. So I would encourage seniors and recent graduates to check out the new food-related AmeriCorps program, FoodCorps.

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