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They’re here–they’re ready! Cholla buds’ grand opening!

Looking forward to trying some cholla buds this season…

Savor the Southwest:

staghorn cholla flower just opening (N.Stahler photo) staghorn cholla flower just opening (N.Stahler photo)

Tia Marta here with important news—something I was planning to share with you next month but wow here it is—our staghorn cholla cacti flowered yesterday.  That is a herald-horn in the desert for sure—it is cholla bud harvesting time again!

Ever since I was first led into the desert to learn cholla harvesting decades ago now by my Tohono O’odham mentor and teacher, Juanita, I’ve looked forward to this signal and to our ritual, with hope for the return of desert-food-season, and with gladness —not to mention with a little trepidation for the hazards of the business.  But in all the years of practicing our ritual harvest I’ve never seen the buds come on so early.   This is fully a month sooner than the “old normal.”  All through the 1970s,’80s, into the ‘90s, we could predict the cholla harvest to be cranking up…

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Vermicompost image contest for LinkedIn discussion group

Here are the finalists for the new icon associated with the Vermicompost Network within the Compost and Organic Innovation Development Network on LinkedIn.

We’ll host voting within the discussion group. The winner will be the new icon and runners up will be featured in the rotating header images. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos!

1 From Alfred Grand of  VERMIGRAND Naturprodukte GmbH

VERMIGRAND (13 von 17)

2 From Sophia van Ruth at Urban Edibles


3 From Bintoro Gunadi of Burnaby’s Red Wigglers

Burnaby's Red Wrigglers

4. From Tom Herlihy of Worm Power


Update: The winner was #3 with #4 as a runner up. Thanks everyone for submitting and voting!