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SAEA 2012 Comparative agroecology at a liberal arts college: Assessing sustainability and comparing US & Chinese farming systems

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David Hougen-Eitzman of Carlton College gave this talk at the 2012 Sustainable Agriculture Education Association conference in the session: Transformative food systems programs, coursework and curricula. His students have the amazing opportunity to tour, study and evaluate the sustainability of farming practices in China during a winter field course and compare those farms to others in the US. In the talk, David covers how he organizes the course in terms of small group student projects and the course readings and sustainability assessment tools he uses in the curriculum. I’m excited to incorporate similar sustainability assessment tools into my teaching and really enjoyed hearing about this course.

Carleton College

Carleton College students tour a farm in China
Photo from:

Carleton tea farm

Carleton College students tour a tea farm in China
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