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Respectful Revolution – a film project


Last year in August I got a phone call from a guy with a cool French accent who said he was traveling across the US on a motorcycle and filming people along the way who he considered to be part of the Respectful Revolution. I looked Gerard Ungerman up on IMDB and it definitely seemed that after doing hard hitting documentaries on Desert Storm, Plan Columbia and the War on Terror, he needed a break to focus on people making positive changes in their communities. So he and his wife Stacey Wear teamed up on this film project and unique website where the video vignettes are embedded in an interactive map of Gerard’s journey.

To show how small the world is, I had visited my friend and colleague Scott Perez who does farm and ranching friendly land conservancy work in Durango earlier in the summer. Scott and his family took my husband and I out to lunch at Linda’s Local Food Cafe and introduced me to Linda Illsley, the owner.  Gerard had contacted Linda to include her in the project and asked her if there were other folks she could point him to heading west from Durango. She suggested he call me.

I was technically supposed to be out of town on a field course with the Prescott College agroecology students, but my dissertation revisions were dragging on (as dissertation revisions tend to do). Then Gerard’s Harley got a flat tire on the way out of Sedona in a tremendous monsoon thunderstorm, the Prescott Harley shop was closed on Mondays and he ended up as a house guest at Chez Jack for a few days until he could get back on the road. So this is what you get when you combine way to many zoospores to imagine, a flat motorcycle tire and a filmmaker on a unique mission across the continent. Thanks again, Gerard, it was an honor to be involved in this project.  Keep an eye out for Gerard coming back to Prescott to host some local screenings and community discussions on the power of working towards positive change.

In the comments section below, please nominate someone for Gerard to profile when he returns to town. There are so many great projects going on to pick from!

The Harley is road ready again!

The Harley is road ready again!

Other folks profiled in our region:

And the two places I visited in Durango with Scott Perez. Linda’s Local Food Cafe and Twin Buttes Sustainable Development Project:

4 thoughts on “Respectful Revolution – a film project

  1. Wow, Allison! You are a little go-getter!! Thank you so much for the kind feedback and publicity..If everyone we profiled did as much, the Respectful Revolution project would be on FIRE!!! Can’t wait to do more work in Prescott – next time as a duo – I am not staying home! Much gratitude and respect,
    Stacey Wear
    Respectful Revolution

    • Thanks Stacey! I enjoy getting the word out on cool projects like yours, especially because your project is all about getting the word out about other cool projects! Best of luck as you start doing screenings.Can’t wait to host a screening in Prescott.

  2. I loved the video, Allison, and I am excited about the energy, knowledge, and commitment you are bringing to Prescott College!

  3. Thanks Walt! It was really fun to collaborate with Respectful Revolution. Gerard is on the road again and I’ve been following all of his new profiles. I look forward to hosting a screening and community discussion the next time he and his Harley Davidson roll through town. Now, to convince the college to share this faculty generated content (including your blog!) on their social media and use it in recruiting…the faculty sub-committee on digital outreach has our work cut out for us. :-).

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