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Rabbit Run Farm at the Prescott Farmer’s Market

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Matt Hyde and Sarah Wertz of Rabbit Run Farms

Congrats to Matt and Sarah of Rabbit Run Farm for this great August cover photo in Mountain Living magazine!

Matt and Sarah farm commercially at Prescott College’s Jenner Farm as part of a land sharing agreement. In addition to running their business, they manage the campus farm and take care of our research plots throughout the summer agroecology course.

I had the pleasure of helping out at the Rabbit Run stand at the Prescott Farmer’s Market earlier in the summer. It’s a lovely outdoor market with a nice variety of vegetables, grains/pastas, preserved foods and prepared food. The steady stream of customers were definitely fresh food enthusiasts and it was fun to hear their cooking plans for different crops. One couple even brought some canned bread and butter pickles as a gift for their favorite farmers! They made the pickles from cucumbers they had bought at the stand the week before. Now that’s farmer appreciation!

The market in full swing

Armenian cucumbers


Eleanore, a student in the summer agroecology course, spent the day helping out at market too.

I’m considering having students work a stand at the market at least once during the summer course as a way to gain a deeper understanding of the economics of small-scale farming. Rebekah Doyle had the students carry out rapid farmer’s market assessments this summer and I learned a lot from their final reports and presentations.

The first box from the Prescott College CSA share, grown by Rabbit Run Farm

My husband and I are enjoying the Prescott College CSA, managed by Erin Lingo. Each week is just the right amount to last us until the next pick up. The perfect option when you can’t garden for yourself. I’m in food heaven in the desert!

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